Why choose us?

We provide:

  • More than 10 years of experience in content and digital marketing.
  • Professional writing skills and deep understandings of the IT industry.
  • Up to date with the latest content marketing trends and standards.
  • 100% original content written specially for your blog or website.
  • Monthly blog packages designed to maintain your blog authoritative, insightful, and SEO optimized.
  • High-quality services at affordable prices.

Who are you writing for?

IT companies – from small to medium and large sized IT businesses who may not have the staff to build and keep their blog updated.

When I have to pay?

You pay only after you receive the ready article/ blog post and you approve it. If you do not approve the post, you do not pay for it.

Can I request a revision if I don’t like the blog post?

Yes, we allow revisions. Just give us a clear description of what you’d like revised.

Who owns the content?

You! The content we write for you belongs only to you.

Do you provide images?

Yes, we provide free images. Also, you can provide us with your own images for the blog post.

How long are the blog posts?

We provide three options: short (1000 words), classic (1500 words), and long (2000 words). If you’d like a different post, just tell us. A lot of our content is much more than 2000 words.

In which language are the posts?

  • English
  • Bulgarian

What is the time for writing a post?

The standard time for writing a single post: 7 working days. However, if you choose one of our packages, the time for 1 post will be different and we will discuss it further.

Do you use any automated software?

NO, we never use any automated software. All our work is done by real people!

We are in the cloud computing field. Can you write in this area?

Yes. We can write about everything related to information technology (IT).